First session in 2014

Friday 28 February 2014

First session in 2014

On Friday 28th February 2014 at The River Lee Hotel, the Cork Institute of Technology celebrated the second event for the Creative Digital Network Cork. On that session, we presented and discussed the draft Implementation Plan and composite SWOT of all project partner regions. Moreover, we tried to define the next steps for moving forward.

On this occasion we had the presence of Dr. Patrick Collins, an economic geographer from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Recently he has turned his attention to the development of the Irish economy within a global framework. Alongside this work, Dr. Collins has investigated the economic contribution of Creative and Cultural industries to Galway.

He spoke about his experience with My Creative Edge, a Website funded by the EU Northern Periphery Programme to showcase the creative sector of some European regions. As a result, anyone can contact with the ideal creative partner or service provider through this Website.

Above all, he highlighted the importance of creating a database of all the creative digital industries in the Cork region, so all of them can benefit from the creation of the network. In addition to know how is the current situation of the sector here.

From now on, the next steps for the Creative Digital Cork Network relate to strategic opportunities for the sector in Cork:
1.    Strengthen Networking and Clustering
During 2014, investigate how the Network might be structured and resourced as well as organise a series of industry-led events.

2.    Heighten Sector Visibility
As short term action will be to position Cork in Branding as a National Centre of Excellence – Ireland’s Creative City. Invitation to potential large clients in public and private sectors will also be considered. 

3.    Provide specialised educational and Training Courses in consultation with Industry.

The Cork Institute of Technology will commence an industry consultation on specific training requirements in both technical and business areas. Furthermore, CIT will have dialogue with University College Cork and High Education sector for collaborative initiatives. 

4.    Develop a co-located facility for Creative Enterprises.
This will include: high connectivity location; shared Secretarial Services; Workshops spaces; Incubations Services; Business planning, Marketing support etc; potentially including some small studio places.

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