Meeting at the Melbourne Building

Friday 13 June 2014

Meeting at the Melbourne Building

On Friday, 13th June 2014, at the Melbourne Building of the Cork Institute of Technology, was celebrated the third event for the Creative Digital Network Cork. Once the Implementation Plan has been approved, we wanted for that session more practical experiences which showed us the potential of Creative and Digital companies nowadays. 

For that we had the presence of three speakers, who told us about their experiences:

Firstly, Stephen Ryan (Head of Marketing of Fota Wildlife Park) spoke about the Digital Media strategy that they have followed. He emphasized that from 2009 – 2010, the marketing activities was centred on Cork and everything changed when they started to act globally. Thanks to the Digital developments.

During his presentation he also talked about the Fotabook. It is a new Social Media platform that takes the art of creating online conversations to a new level. A collection of the best tweets, photos and videos that mention Fota online.

After him, Dr. Pio Fenton (Head of Marketing at Cork Institute of Technology) declaimed about Digital Marketing and links with marketing departments of regionally – based companies.

He also stressed how important to define the term Digital Media is. Sometimes, people tend to use Social Media more than Digital Media, and this is extremely more precise.

Finally, we had an insight into Digital Agenda of Dairygold by Dan O’Dononghue its National Sales Manager, Agri Operations. He explained to us, from a non digital company point of view, what they would expect from a digital strategy and what they have done up to now, such as a mobile app.

However, he added that their situation is a bit rare nowadays because majority of Diarygold clients do not use new technologies. That is why they consider other marketing to get visibility of the product.

In the last part of the event, Miguel Valero from Creative Digital Network Cork informed the attendees about the developments of the Website, which is being created by the local company, Granite Digital.

In addition to it, we used the occasion to discuss further developments of the Website as well as proposals for a future event of the industry.

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